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Sunco Brokering and Services SA offers brokerage services in Biofuels and broader Energy markets. We facilitate our customers’ trading activities with a wide range of tailored made services.

Our involvement in different cultures and businesses facilitates us to provide more accurate information through our extensive network. With professionalism and integrity, we look to assist each client: producers, oil refineries and traders based on their own specific needs and requirements.

As brokers, we listen to your requirements and organise exclusive industry events to give customers the opportunity to meet new players in the market. Where appropriate we provide feedback to the market about best practices and strive to improve industry standards.

Our Timeline.

Pioneers in Biofuels.


Foundation of Sun Commodities by Laurent Gonelle, a pioneer in Biofuels brokerage.


Incorporation of Sunco Brokering & Services SA.


Introduction of new services and products.


Opening of our desk Carbon Voluntary.


Starting a new office in Dubai.

Major partners.

Collaborating with global partners to provide the best services

S&P Globals PlattCME GroupIceFiatechArgusCarbon Offset CertificationCarbon ExchangeReuters

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Brokerage and consulting services in Biofuels, Oil & Carbon commodities

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